My mission in life is to ignite your creativity and unlock your full potential. I want to help and inspire everyone on the planet to level up their creative thinking and join me on the journey within to create a more peaceful life.

I'm available for speaking engagements worldwide, including presenting at conferences, hosting panels and workshops. I’m an experienced motivational speaker who presented at +200 events worldwide such as TEDx, Cannes Lions, SXSW, Creative Mornings, TNW Conference, Hyper Island, Eurobest, Pecha Kucha, Kyoorius Designyatra, D&AD Festival, Adobe Creative Meetup, United Nations HQ and many more.

My primary topics of focus are Travel, Growth, Remote Work, Digital Nomads, Creativity, Awareness, and Consciousness.

The talks are not about me, but always about your audience. I always create a custom experience for each event. My goal is that your audience is entertained, energized and inspired.

Tea Tesla
LEAP Summit Zagreb

"Mark is an awesome person with really inspiring stories around remote work and travel. His vision and talk truly inspired our audience to keep working towards their goals, understand the power of taking risks and creating their own path. Not only as a speaker, but also as a person, he is completely approachable and talkative. You get incredibly positive vibes when talking to Mark. We are really glad we got to meet him, and already look forward to the opportunity of listening to him again."

Polina Jones

"Mark's creative take, as well as the ability to take direction in shaping his presentation to cater for our audience and, more than anything, the authenticity of his story-telling and making meaningful connections made the experience of working with him an inspiring one. Mark's keynote set the right tone and theme for the event and allowed us to continue using cues from his presentation in consequent educational sessions. His interest in the audience and commitment to connect with it beyond his keynote was very much appreciated by the organisers and by the delegates. We have received lots of immediate positive feedback about Mark's presentation, energy and enthusiasm, as well as about his presence throughout the event that brought extra value to the participants."

Ignacio Rodriguez 
NomadCity Las Palmas

"Mark joined us for the 3rd edition of NomadCity as keynote speaker of our freelancers and entrepreneurs track. Even if he had not participated, I could not be happier with the energy and good vibes that Mark brought to the whole event. During his talk he kept the audience participative and energized. I am really looking forward to collaborating with Mark in the future and am very thankful for his involvement in NomadCity."

Sabine Eevers
Mentor Talks

"For those who think to be successful you have to be bull-headed, arrogant, greedy and pushy... Mark is none of these. He is pleasant, helpful, and mindful of the needs of others. Mark makes others feel good & our entrepreneurs enjoyed sharing mutual experiences with him during the after drinks the Mentor Talks of Netwerk Ondernemen. Mark is able to communicate his passion in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. His talk was inspirational & humorous and for someone who has a lot of experience at such a young age, he shared incredibly humble his life wisdom & his vision on digital nomads."

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