Think Less, Do More.

Mark van der Heijden

World Explorer | Creative Entrepreneur | Keynote Speaker | Author

Mark van der Heijden [1986] is a world explorer, creative entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Wanderbrief; a platform that makes the Digital Nomad life easy for thousands of professionals from around the world.

On a rainy day in Amsterdam Mark waved goodbye to his job as a copywriter, tossed his home into a backpack, and hit the world as ‘The Backpacker Intern‘ helping out agencies, brands and charities in exchange for room and board. The journey has brought him to 27 countries on 7 continents where he worked at 32 companies such as TBWA/Chiat/Day LA, Red Bull HQ Austria, Ogilvy Cape Town and UNICEF New Zealand.

In February 2016 Mark co-founded Wanderbrief, a social platform that makes the Digital Nomad life easy. Their mission is to give everyone on the planet the freedom to work remotely while travelling the world.

Mark is an experienced Keynote Speaker at +100 events all over the globe such as TEDx, Cannes Lions, SXSW Festival, United Nations HQ and many more.

He was recognized by The White House as Top 100 Most Influential Travel Blogger In The World and his work has been featured in: MTV, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Adweek and other major media outlets.

All of the above adds to his personal mission in life: 'Igniting people’s creativity' tapping into his personal mantra:  ‘Think less, do more.’

Let me help you

Book me to speak at your event
If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, pannellist or host for your conference, event or summit, I’m happy to help out. I’ve spoken at +100 events worldwide including TEDx, Cannes Lions and SXSW Festival. For videos, testimonials and examples of previous work with my clients please check out my speaker profile.

Hire me as a Freelance Creative Consultant
Are you hungry for creative concepts, campaign ideas or brand strategy? I can serve you a 7-course meal. I’m strategically driven, know my way around new technologies, have worked with markets on every continent and love to get my hands dirty. Companies I've had the pleasure to work with: W+K, TBWAChiatDay, Ogilvy, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Brandbase, Vodafone, Audi, KLM, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Hallmark, and many more. Happy to hop on a call to explore how I can help you: email.

Join the Wanderbrief Family 
At Wanderbrief we make the Digital Nomad life easy. Our mission is to give everyone on the planet the freedom to work remotely while travelling the world. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, digital nomad, owner of a co-working space or travel related brand that’s interested to shape the future of work and travel with us, drop me an email

Collaborate with my Podcast
What’s your morning ritual? I was curious to learn how the most inspiring people in the world kick-off their day. Therefore I’m creating a show called Wake Up Calls. The first guest was David Allen (NYT Bestseller ‘Getting Things Done’) If you are or know interesting guests and/or sponsors please send me an email.

Hire me as an author
As an author with 12 years experience in the fields of tech, travel, music and entrepreneurship I write for different media outlets such Adobe, Virgin and I’m also writing a book about my journeys and how travel can level up your life. More about that soon...

I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

Daniel Cachandt, Creative Director Red Bull HQ Austria
“Mark can really give wings to any team, providing a lot of knowledge, being inspirational, creating fresh ideas.”

Paul Finnis, Director Saigon Children’s Charity:
“Mark made a memorable "mark" on the staff here. He quickly gets to grips with what needs to be done and then does it!”

Chester de Vries, Creative Director LEMZ:
“Mark is ambitious, unwavering, fearless, and he makes jokes that happen to be quite funny haha. Pretty much everything that you look for in a copywriter.”

Daniel Gordon Jones, Managing Director DDB Vietnam:
 "Mark is highly enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas. We really appreciated his talent to add extra dimension and spark to our creative team.”

Josh Harris, Communications Manager at International Medical Corps UK
“I would recommend Mark as an asset to any brand or campaign."

Chris Rawlinson, Innovation Director Ogilvy Cape Town:
“Having a global perspective from Wanderbrief inspired us at Ogilvy in new ways of coming up with innovative solutions for business problems.”

Amon Versteeg, Director of Partner Marketing
“Mark offers a unique perspective on the travel industry.”

Sabine Eevers, Manager at Netwerk Ondernemen:
“For those who think to be successful you have to be bull headed, arrogant, greedy and pushy... Mark is none of these. He is pleasant, helpful, and mindful of needs of others. Mark makes others feel good & our entrepreneurs enjoyed sharing mutual experiences with him during the after drinks at Netwerk Ondernemen  Mentor Talks.
Mark is able to communicate his passion in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. His talk was inspirational & humorous and for someone who has a lot of experience at such a young age he shared incredibly humble his life wisdom & his vision on digital nomads.”

I’m proud of:

+ Having worked on 7 continents
+ My mom (57) who runs half marathons
+ My dad (61) who climbs mountains

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you’re interested in working together please contact me below.

“Think less, do more.”