My name is Mark (some know me as The Backpacker Intern). I’m a creative entrepreneur that helps people and businesses take over the world.

How can I help you?

Work with Wanderbrief, a global community I co-founded where we help freelancers work remote for the best companies while roaming the globe. - Wanderbrief

Book me as a speaker like I did at TEDxTeen NYC, Cannes Lions, SXSW Festival, United Nations HQ and +50 other events worldwide. For more info and bookings check my speaker profile.

Collaborate with my Podcast, I have a show called Wake Up Calls where I find out how the world’s most inspiring people kick-off their day.

Let me write articles about tech, travel, music and entrepreneurship for your company or media outlet like I do for AdobeVirgin and Millennial Magazine.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

Daniel Cachandt, Creative Director Red Bull HQ Austria: “Mark can really give wings to any team, providing a lot of knowledge, being inspirational, creating fresh ideas.”

Chris Rawlinson, Innovation Director Ogilvy Cape Town: “Having a global perspective from Wanderbrief inspired us at Ogilvy in new ways of coming up with innovative solutions for business problems.”

Paul Finnis, Director Saigon Children’s Charity: “Mark made a memorable "mark" on the staff here. He quickly gets to grips with what needs to be done and then does it!”

Chester de Vries, Creative Director LEMZ: “Mark is ambitious, unwavering, fearless, and he makes jokes that happen to be quite funny haha. Pretty much everything that you look for in a copywriter.”

Daniel Gordon Jones, Managing Director DDB Vietnam: "Mark is highly enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas. We really appreciated his talent to add extra dimension and spark to our creative team.”

Josh Harris, Communications Manager at International Medical Corps UK: “I would recommend Mark as an asset to any brand or campaign."

I’m proud of:

+ My invitation to The White House
+ My mom (56) who runs half marathons
+ My dad (60) who climbs mountains

If you’re interested in working together please contact me below. 

“Think less, do more.”